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Video conferencing

RingCentral Meetings provides multi-point HD video conferencing and screen share for desktops and mobile devices.

RingCentral Video Conferencing

Connect with international clients and enable collaboration between teams across locations—as if you’re all in the same conference room. Experience high definition video and audio, with rich details that enhance presentations and drive business meetings forward.

Benefits of video conferencing:

Meet in the same room, no matter the distance.

  • RingCentral HD video conferencing enables real-time telepresence so your employees or clients can join a meeting from any location in the world.
  • Travel no longer restrains scheduling meetings. Anyone can join a video conference using a computer, mobile phone or tablet. Enjoy a rich, high-quality experience that rivals the experience of telepresence rooms.
  • RingCentral Meetings seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Outlook®, so you can easily start a video conference to continue your email discussion right from your Outlook app.
  • Up to 50 locations anywhere in the world can join a video conference, so multiple groups can sync up at once. Participants can choose to use their computer to access the online audio, or call in using a local dial-in number. Local dial-in numbers are available for international participants as well.

Captivate your audience with powerful, built-in features.

  • Advanced meeting controls and settings optimise your video conference experience for easy collaboration among participants.
  • Keep meetings highly engaging with flexible screen share capability and annotation tools for all participants, just as you would in person.
  • Share your entire screen with the group, or just one window—the choice is yours.
  • Automatic active speaker spotlight directs attention to whoever is speaking, so it’s easy to track the conversation. High definition video technology captures vivid details to create an authentic telepresence experience.
  • Chat is an especially effective tool during sales demonstrations or negotiations, allowing individual users to hold private chats with one another away from the group. Group chat allows anyone to address the group at anytime, without interrupting the flow of the meeting.
  • Record any video conference for later playback and evaluation. Recorded meetings can also be forwarded to other parties.
  • Cloud storage integrations elevate your meeting to the next level. Access docs, spreadsheets and other files from cloud solutions like Box and Dropbox™. *

Get enterprise-class video conferencing, without the additional hardware cost.

  • RingCentral Meetings is a video conference solution that utilises your company’s existing infrastructure, so there’s no need to invest in costly telepresence rooms. Other enterprise video conferencing systems can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars after hardware purchases and installation. With RingCentral, your organisation gets the same high quality experience, but with superior value.
  • Meetings is part of your RingCentral service, which also includes voice, fax, and audio conferencing. Streamline your organisation’s business communications without multiple vendors and bills to track, or clunky PBX hardware to maintain.


Video conferencing FAQs:

How many offices or individuals can call into a video conference?

  • With RingCentral Office Enterprise edition, up to 50 offices and/or participants can join a meeting. Premium edition allows up to 25 per meeting, and Standard edition allows up to 4 per meeting.

How much does it cost?

  • RingCentral Meetings is included with Enterprise, Premium and Standard editions of RingCentral Office. There is no additional cost for the feature. There is also no additional cost for the software, which is easily downloadable to your computer and is available as a free app for mobile devices.

How can I integrate RingCentral Meetings with my Microsoft Outlook?

  • Easily download and install the RingCentral Meetings Plugin for Microsoft Outlook here. After you restart your Outlook, you can start and schedule RingCentral Meetings right from the Outlook app.

What is the experience for someone I invite to a meeting?

  • Participants do not need to have a RingCentral account in order to join a meeting. All they need is a supported device—a Mac or Windows® computer, iPhone or iPad, or Android tablet or mobile phone.
  • From a desktop or laptop computer, they simply click on the link in the meeting invitation. Participants can then choose to access audio using the computer’s microphone and speakers or desk phone or conference phone. If calling in from a phone, they will be prompted to enter the Participant Access Code provided in the invitation.
  • From a mobile device, they simply tap the link in the meeting invitation. Participants can use the camera on their device to share their image, and can view other participants on their device’s screen. They can also choose to simply listen in as if it were a traditional conference call.

What are best practices for individuals, small and/or large groups?

  • Individuals can use their personal computers and, if in a quiet area, can use their computer’s microphone and speaker. RingCentral Meetings has such high quality sound that it is not advised to participate in a video conference from your computer if there is any background noise. If calling in from a noisy location, it is best to use a headset or call in from a phone. You can also mute your audio when not speaking.
  • Small groups in one room can use one conference phone to access audio, and individual webcams on their computers or mobile devices to access video. Groups can also use a built-in or external camera on a single computer or monitor to display everyone in the room together.
  • When groups or individuals are joining from many locations, the host may wish to mute all participants for the best quality audio. Individual users can always choose to mute and then unmute themselves when they wish to speak.

In what format are the recorded meetings saved?

  • As soon as the recording has finished, it is automatically saved as an mp4 file.

* Filesharing from RingCentral for Android is not available