All-inclusive cloud business
communications for the tech industry

Tech companies rely on the RingCentral cloud business communications platform
for effective collaboration that drives innovation.


Your company is under immense pressure to deliver innovative information services and products while increasing revenue, decreasing operational costs, and promoting brand awareness, often with a workforce that is progressively more mobile and located globally. All of this requires a reliable communications system that can support your intense environment — without compromise — while being cost-efficient.

RingCentral Phone System makes collaboration in the Tech Industry effective

Designed for your business

RingCentral's cloud business communications frees your workforce from the confines of traditional office walls, enabling productivity wherever and whenever.

Robust call routing

RingCentral's robust call routing and handling rules ensure you can deliver remarkable customer service with confidence. Responsive call routing sends calls directly to any desired department or person, even to multiple locations. Flexible rules enable customers to reach the right person every time—day or night or even on holidays—so they always feel appreciated.

Truly mobile-ready

The RingCentral Mobile App enables your workforce to use tablets and smartphones to access business contacts, make calls, receive faxes, join conference calls, share files, check voicemail, and start video meetings. Because RingCentral is BYOD-optimised, your employees can access the RingCentral phone system from their personal mobile devices, reducing your hardware costs.

Enhanced collaboration

Every phone number is assigned a dedicated audio conference number, making it effortless for your teams to join conference calls at a moment’s notice. When it’s not practical to meet face-to-face, RingCentral Meetings® makes it possible to connect face-to-face online for real-time file sharing and collaboration.

Customer Insights

"A traditional PBX solution is designed for many people in one location. Our business needed an enterprise class solution for staff over several locations. It would be a disaster if we didn't have a reliable phone solution like RingCentral."

Steve Collins, General Manager
Fargo Systems Ltd