The efficiency of smart collaboration
tools with the simplicity of a messaging app

In our digital age, there’s a huge variety of ways to communicate, making it a growing challenge
for teams to stay seamlessly connected. RingCentral Glip is a single, unified, online
collaboration software tool that enables you to easily message, video chat, share files, manage
tasks, and work together all in one place. No matter where your teams are, they can always
stay in touch using their favorite devices, anytime, anyplace.

IM or video chat
with your team

Got a question on a project? Send a quick
message or discuss face to face to get
answers in real time. Instantly start a video
conference to share documents and
presentations and collaborate live with team
members all over the world.

Collaborate with your team via real time messaging, and never flood your inbox again

Share and collaborate
on files

You can upload or drop files straight into Glip,
so your team can find them easily, leave
feedback, and refer back to them at any time.

Streamline efficiency by integrating task and project management through Glip

Create and manage tasks

Keep track and move your projects forward by
creating tasks from any message in the live feed.

Share files and documents easily with your Glip team

Schedule your day

With Glip, you can plan your day and check your
colleagues’ availability without ever having to
leave the messaging app.

Integrate Glip with apps like Evernote, Box, JIRA, and Zendesk to enhance your productivity

Simple app integration

Ensure smooth workflow by integrating Glip
with all the apps your team uses daily. Whether
you’re a developer, project manager, marketer,
or in customer support and beyond, you and
your team can use Glip alongside all the apps
that are vital to everyday productivity.

RingCentral combines the reliability of cloud communications with the simplicity of online collaboration tools to help your team work together more efficiently and effectively.