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RingCentral Supports Workato’s Fast, Global Growth

Workato provides a powerful, enterprise-grade automation and integration platform that can be used by businesses of all sizes. Its integration recipes are so easy to use and implement that more than 75% of its customers go live with their first app integrations within one week.

One customer used the Workato platform to integrate JIRA® with Zendesk® so that support tickets are automatically updated with the engineering team’s status. A non-profit that helps students from underprivileged communities succeed in college used the platform to make sure all interactions with students, whether they are captured in Eventbrite, Slack, or Mowgli SMS, are automatically logged in Salesforce®. Currently, Workato’s community consists of more than 150,000 integrations, which they call “recipes,” shared by more than 17,000 businesses.

Globally expanding company needs more than the basics

Workato’s first phone system was a simple cloud-based solution that provided basic telephony. For online meetings and sales demos, the company purchased and shared two licenses of an expensive web conferencing solution. As Allan Teng, Workato’s Director of Partner and Customer Success, recalls, Workato outgrew this approach within six months to a year.

“We started needing things like access to international numbers and support for high volume sales calling,” Teng explains. “We also needed a wider range of communications functionality within the company.”

By replacing the two initial solutions with RingCentral Global Office™, Teng established a communications platform that supports the company’s global sales efforts and international expansion. (Teng works out of Workato’s Singapore office, which the company opened about a year and a half ago to expand its presence in the Asia Pacific region.)

“RingCentral is a full-featured communications solution with everything you need inside a single app,” Teng says. Now, for example, instead of everyone sharing two web conferencing licenses, all employees have their own web conferencing capability through RingCentral Meetings™. “We use RingCentral Meetings very heavily both internally and for product demos,” Teng adds. Employees use the RingCentral Phone™ mobile app to access RingCentral functionality outside the office using their smartphones.

Sales call volume increased by five to six times

Teng estimates that the productivity of the sales and support teams has increased by 30% to 40% since switching to RingCentral, mainly due to the time saved by having RingCentral functionality integrated with other office applications such as Calendly and Salesforce. “We also automate data from RingCentral with our other apps using Workato. For example, whenever an inbound call is picked up, the person accepting the call will receive a team messaging notification with information on the caller sourced from Freshdesk and Salesforce,” Teng says. “This really integrates RingCentral into our workflows and increases productivity.” Employees also use Workato and RingCentral to automatically log call details in Salesforce whenever an outbound call is made via the RingCentral Phone app.

Teng has seen an equally significant improvement in sales call volume since deploying RingCentral. “In the past, sales calls required people to go into Salesforce and click on each contact to find out things like the time zone and whether the company met the conditions for the call. Each call took five to 10 minutes to research, so the average number of calls per hour per person was under 10,” Teng says.

“Today that average is 50 to 60 calls per hour per person,” he continues. “Sales agents make calls using the RingCentral integration within Salesforce,” Teng explains. “The priority settings are done by us, so the people who are calling don’t have to have to make those decisions. Calls go out immediately.”

One last thing Teng values about RingCentral: “As part of a fast-growing company, I like the fact that RingCentral is easy to scale as we expand.”

Company profile

Workato is a leader in cloud and on-premises automation. The company’s no-code integration platform enables seamless integration of thousands of apps to automate workflows.

Year founded: 2013


Cupertino, CA



“RingCentral is a full-featured communications solution with everything you need inside a single app.”

—Allan Teng,

Director, Partner and Customer Success



“Each call took five to 10 minutes to research, so the average number of calls per hour per person was under 10. Today that average is 50 to 60 calls per hour per person.”

—Allan Teng,

Director, Partner and Customer Success