Customer Experience

Customer experience strategy is crucial for your business growth. Paired with a cloud-based collaboration solution, information within your contact centre goes around fast that greatly improves your CX.

5 Reasons Why An ATS & CRM Software Is Important For Your Business

With technology constantly evolving and growing competition in the workforce, the recruitment world is changing on a fundamental level.  To…

4 months ago

What is Customer Journey Map & How to Create One?

Want to improve your conversion rate and customer retention? If your bounce rate and shopping cart abandonment rate are increasing,…

11 months ago

8 Tips For Your Social Media Strategy In 2021

Social media platforms are the greatest thing that have been introduced to generation Z, and undoubtedly they are making the…

1 year ago

5 Ways SEO Can Drive Better Customer Experiences

As we move into the modern age, more and more shoppers are looking to make purchases online. Whether eCommerce business…

1 year ago

Call Routing FAQs: How to Divert Calls, Redirect, and More

Call routing is an essential function in thousands of offices, call centres, and customer support hubs around the UK. Without…

1 year ago

Essential Social Media Marketing Tips for Customer Service

In today’s digital world, most companies recognise the value of social media. With roughly 4.2 billion active users across Facebook,…

1 year ago

How to prepare your website for the holiday sales season

The holiday season is coming up and you need to be ready. Your website needs to be ready. This is…

2 years ago

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