Jitter - Definition-740


The world is rapidly adapting to working from home. Connectivity troubles during our video calls, though, can ruin a good day and the evil responsible for this is often jitter. … Read more “Jitter”

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Packet Loss

Packet loss is one of the key metrics related to network performance. It can cause interruptions, slow loading times and prevent messages from arriving.   What is packet loss? When accessing … Read more “Packet Loss”



The data sent over computer networks (for example, over the internet or ethernet by a VoIP phone system) is broken down into packets—or small segments of messages. These packets get … Read more “Packet”



There are several varying names for an IP PBX solution, including VoIP PBX, Cloud PBX, or a VoIP server. In essence, it’s all the same thing; a business phone system … Read more “IP PBX”



Data exchange between IT systems, databases and applications is crucial for technology – for example, the IoT – to grow. For this data exchange to take place, we need interoperability.  … Read more “Interoperability”



What is eavesdropping? Eavesdropping is the act of listening to someone else’s private conversation. Deriving from the literal history of the term, the practice of actually standing beneath the eaves … Read more “Eavesdropping”

Digital Annotation meaning definition-339


There are times when you may want information above and beyond what is contained in the initial statement in any writing. Or it may be that you want to highlight … Read more “Annotation”


Hot Desking

Language is constantly evolving and adding new words and terms to our lives. This is especially true in the work environment, which often features new terms or adaptations of existing … Read more “Hot Desking”