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With cloud computing and unified communications set to shape the future of the working world, it’s a good idea to get your head around the jargon. Whether you want to gen-up on your VoIP-related terminology, finally decode that acronym everyone uses or you’re a totally cloud communications rooky, looking to demystify all the lingo, take a look at our glossary pages for a little clarity.

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Cloud VPN

Your business cloud could be more optimized through cloud VPN. But what is Cloud VPN? Click here to know more about its functions and why businesses need it.

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Cloud Security

What is cloud security? CLICK HERE to learn about cloud security, its important functions, and what businesses need to know before purchasing.

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Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is essential to business success because it keeps data secure. CLICK HERE to learn about cloud backup, its features, and how it protects businesses.

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DSL or Digital Subscriber Lines are one of your bridges in this hyperconnected world. Learn more about what sets DSL apart from other connections here -->

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