Introducing Daniel Yin at the 2018 Call & Contact Centre Expo

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As the ultimate must-see event for the communications space, the Call & Contact Centre Expo is a hub of inspiration and innovation for those who want to learn about customer engagement from industry experts. This year, RingCentral is thrilled to be playing our part in the event, with a collection of insightful Masterclass sessions headed by members of our team.

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On Wednesday the 21st of March, Daniel Yin, our Head of Product Management for the EMEA region, will discuss the ever-exciting concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI), discussing how it might apply in a call centre environment, and how the technology could change the way that brands and consumers interact.

AI and changing business communications

The buzz around AI in the contact centre space is growing larger by the minute. As vendors from every sector begin to explore the benefits of virtual assistants, machine learning algorithms, and chatbot APIs, the role of the average call centre agent could begin to change drastically in the coming years.

With his discussion on “Three Ways That AI Will Change the Way Your Business Communicates” at the Call & Contact Centre Expo, Daniel Yin will be painting an inspiring picture of what the future will look like with AI innovation in the works.

“The communications industry has long been a proving ground for new technologies. As demands for accessibility and quality continue to grow, the first question we need to ask ourselves is actually why AI should fit into the contact centre of the future, before we look at how.”

Join our discussion on the AI-powered contact centre

In a discussion that goes beyond the excitement of the buzz, Daniel Yin will speak between 2.00 pm and 3.00 pm about whether AI is something we should apply to the contact centre environment, and how the technology will affect us if we take the leap.

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From automatic solutions that simplify everyday tasks and offer greater productivity to the contact centre agent, to far-reaching solutions designed to evaluate sentiment in conversations and deliver context to recordings, the possibilities in AI and call centres could be endless.

As RingCentral and countless other companies continue to explore AI strategies, Daniel is keen to discuss the idea of whether machine learning is a practical opportunity for people in the contact centre or just a far-flung pipedream.

'I'll be looking at future technologies and the shape of things to come. I'd like to describe the talk as a discussion on future-looking opportunities, with a foundation in our current reality.' Click To Tweet


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Daniel Yin


    Daniel heads up Product Management for RingCentral in EMEA. He has spent his career at RingCentral driving the expansion of cloud Business Communication solutions in the UK and EMEA via the adoption of exciting, innovative features and services as well as their integration into customers’ workflows. He has spent the last 8 years in the cloud software and communication industries and his background is in software development and telecoms infrastructure.

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